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STORY: Soil Health CLIP: leeg AUTHOR: plantyield


Soil Health

How do we introduce to you our mission, the founder of our company, and the natural product that we've produced for 34 years? A product that is no more toxic than distilled water, uses over 37 strains of beneficial bacteria and mutualistic fungi. A product that can help rebuild the soil and allow plants to achieve 100% of their genetic potential. We would like for you to look at a few of our videos How can I get a radio interview with the founder Ron Smith concerning the importance of soil and soil health? Also John, would you take a moment to look at some of our videos at www.youtube.com/user/plantyield? Please look at the main Agri-Gro video, the one on Hay Production, and the Turf Video. We can assist in the revitalization of soil and the earth. I know that we can accelerate the regrowth of all plantl life in these projects, and do so without chemicals, and without endangering our environment. Please discover our company. For 34 years we have been trying to educate farmers and gardeners around the world on the importance of soil health, and introduce an alternative to them. One that is superior, natural, and sustainable. Respectfully; Stan Clement Plant Yield/Agri-Gro

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